Agent-x, are you joking? what you mean by that"Monica (told...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 1 2011, 1:23 PM

Agent-x, are you joking?

what you mean by that"Monica (told you),she want to buy 400 carreaux in Haiti".

This is in sin, because three months ago i try to get 5 carreaux near Ganthier to plant plantains and bananas i couldn't get them and one week later a white guy when there and this people sale them more than 20 carreaux.

The galette family own all the land there.

Haitians don't know the land value specially when they see greens dollars.

Maybe after when they finish eat that money they will cross the border to DR to cut sugar canes for the Dominicans.

That is the reason i am upset with these idiots.

Thanks to God in Mirbalais i've found more than i bargain for.
If the chinese come, they will buy the whole country, cause they start already in here and Africa.They just get farm lands in Ohio and Maine more than 2,000 acres in each states and they are looking to get more, they claims it's to farm potatoes and they will ship the goods to China.

Those guys are angry for lands all over the planet.

Like you said we cannot close our eyes on this.Our politicians need to open their eyes to control that vaccum.

Or we will be under their feet for shelter.

One old Canadian told me long ago."Land is power and that power reach thru the sky".

I couldn't understand because i was only 15 years old, than he repeat for me;You own any peace of land, you own the space over that land too all the way thru the atmosphere.

We need to add more pressure to our politicians, this cannot continue period.

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