Alex, BTW the vox populi vox diablo stand for powerful dark...

Agent-x - September 1 2011, 10:50 AM

Alex, BTW the vox populi vox diablo stand for powerful dark forces that are manipulating Haiti political process for their material interests.

Monica told me that she is thinking about buying 400 carreaux in Jacmel.

If Martelly pick Aristide or his wife Mildred [if she is Haitian] as Premier Minister [let assume that they waived the residency issue on the ground they were kidnapped by foreign zinglindos.therefore, they technically did not leave Haiti willfully] Haiti will be on the fastrack for progress.

Let say Mildred as Premier Minister and Jean Bertrand Aristide as Minister of Education.

such arrangement will guarantee Martelly 10 years in power.

Let assume that Martelly is smart.

The future will tell.
Jean Claude Duvalier will do well as the anti-corruption Minister since he has a PhD on this field.

BTW-►Your ex boss admitted that he is mentally ill.-->
►watch his videos below; he refused to tell the reporter how many macoutes he had [which is prudent because no country will tell you the real strength of their military forces.

Those thing are classified info]
►He was a pathological liar but he was not too good at it as it is shown in the videos.

►Based on my longitudinal observation the European and American reporters tend to show the picture of Haitan flag being pulled down instead of being hoist.

This type of symbolic and subliminal manipulation speak volume about their hostilities for Haiti.

Check it out.

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Agent-x,just a little correction"Vox populi,vox Dei...


Haiti has a unique and curious political structure

Haiti has a defacto President[B.C]--> has real power A Vice President[M.M]--> Oversee administrative matters A defacto...

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