The Haitian constitution is the problem that I have been...

Muile574 At - September 1 2011, 9:40 AM

The Haitian constitution is the problem that I have been addressing as "Haiti's constipation" for the longest time. I don't need to get all grewsome and graphic about this but anyone who understand the effect of constipation would understand the situation anology that stupid constitution keeps Haiti and all of its people in.

To form a government right now that the country needs so badly, Martelly needs to put a "halt" to the constitution or revok this article on a emergency but expedited session right now in order to take the country of that head-lock or the joke hold it is in.

Don't these people understand the necessity to do whatever is needed to help their country get out of the shit hole that it is?

It appears to me that these so-called elected official of the government are deliberately holding the country hostage from progress becuase that will give the resason to argue their failure and their absence of leadership to provide for their people.

After all, the diaspora is feeding, supporting, and providing for the very people for which the government was elected to care. It is clear that they really don't have to do anything for their people and their country.

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