Alex, there is a rumor that Bill has some black heritage. I...

Agent-x - August 31 2011, 10:33 PM

Alex, there is a rumor that Bill has some black heritage.

I wonder if Bill father or grandfather might have been Haitian.

My speculation is based on the relentless interest he and his wife continue to demonstrate about Haiti.

Some people claims that he is attracted to our alleged natural resources such as oil, gold, uranium, Lithium that are strategic to wage war.
I don't know for the other natural resources but I know that Spain stole 98% of our gold and any Haitian president that will demand that Spain should return the gold it stole from Haiti, I will support him or her even if the president is a neo Duvalierist.

If Spain returned the looting, we will have enough money to rebuild Haiti and able to pay the US national debt for them which is close to 14.7 trillion dollars.

Martelly should meet with Aristide to resuscitate the restitution and reparation that France owned us.Such action will send Martelly in the Haitian and international pantheon.Such speculation will never materialized because Martelly works at the pleasure of the imperialist powers and he will kill haitians like Duvalier did under the supervision of the CIA.
A fraction of 00001% of our gold was stolen at gun point on broad daylight by the zinglindo overseas in 1915.
President Paul Eugene Magloire went to exile on December 6th 1956,he carried with him a large sum of money that probably was too large for a Well Fargo or Brinks biggest trailer to carry.

The Duvalier-Bennet-Cambronne crime family spend a fraction of 00000000001% of the gold in France, Dominican Rep and some of the monies were left in Haiti supposedly in safekeeping in the hands of their friends that later on turn out to reinforce the adage that say: "There is no loyalty among thieves." to be more precise I will say no gentlemen agreement among thieves because "voler, voler, voler Agent-X ri sa.
Haiti defacto Governor General is not a Chargee d'Affairs, nevertheless, the concept of overlod is there.

The 'Vice"[ti vice ou gros vice, boulon]President is selected by the defacto President and the Governor General masquerading as the people--vox populi vox diablo.

The Premier Minister must articulate the interest of the elite commercial and work at the pleasure of the defacto President, the de facto Governor general and the commercial elite.
N.B: BC vs BC are not the same actors: the first stand for the name of a person; the second b has something to do with Haiti typical transportation Dept with corresponding overload.

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Haiti has a unique and curious political structure

Haiti has a defacto President[B.C]--> has real power A Vice President[M.M]--> Oversee administrative matters A defacto...

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