This is not the way things must be done. We are not living...

Grenadye16 - August 31 2011, 11:23 AM

This is not the way things must be done. We are not living anymore on Dessalines era that means the world is changed.

We need to think of and evaluate the problem and find the solution.

First, we need to recognize we are human being but not animal.

2nd identify the enemy who is plannng for our unhappiness,3rd, unify ourselves that the enemy can not find any way to filter our society.

4th, consolidate our efforts supporting everyone by the way so can we,5th, close our eyes upon other's help. Every time we ask for help a big part of our identity is going away from our personality.

7th, Select people being capable of make work the nation but not chalatant who only can wait for UN approval.

When we apply all these things will we have respect every where so go we.

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