This has to be your best Jean Pierre. By the way! You forgot...

Vive Duvalier - August 30 2011, 9:40 PM

This has to be your best Jean Pierre.

By the way! You forgot to mention that we are now the only caribbean nation with the rarest case of cholera, brought in by MINUSTHA whom Aristide brought after dismantling the Haitian Army. Hey! We will have 1 to 3 Million cases of the rarest of the cholera strain.

That is an achievement for La Perle Des Antilles, who was the #1 tourist destination in the caribbean not too long ago while 5 gourdes was equal to a dollar.

Like i said, that has to be your best yet. Keep it smoothe and sweet and you will catch more bees. Keep it dirty and you will only see flies.

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