Sources: Martelly to Designate UN Official for Prime Minister...

Gabby - August 30 2011, 3:26 PM

Sources: Martelly to Designate UN Official for Prime Minister

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Published on Tuesday, 30 August 2011 13:00
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[Garry Conille, Pres. Michel Martelly, Bill Clinton]

Garry Conille, Pres. Michel Martelly, Bill Clinton

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - President Michel Martelly is expected to officially designate an official of the United Nations, Garry Conille, to be the next Prime Minister of Haiti.

After meetings and negotiations with the presidents of the two branches of Parliament and political groups, sources say Mr. Martelly is prepared to name his 3rd choice for Prime Minister.

Several legislators confirmed that Garry Conille could be the next Prime Minister-designate before the conclusion of an agreement between the Head of State and Presidents in Parliament.

Senators from the majority and the minority groups in Parliament have already been informally informed of the president's choice.

Garry Conille has held the position of Resident Coordinator of UN System in Haiti for the past two months.

He was the UN Development Program Resident Representative Niger and is a physician trained in the United States.

Conille has been the Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, head of the UN Special Envoy to Haiti and Mr. Conille took an active role in the conference of donors in New York on March 30 2010.

Garry Conille is also an Adjunct Research Scientist at the Center for Global Health and Economic Development at Columbia University.

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the prime minister resigned already. While a the next...

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