You are welcome my friend, today we are living in a critical...

Patricia - August 30 2011, 9:59 AM

You are welcome my friend, today we are living in a critical time it's not the moment to torn each other apart, but let united to see how we can help our country to move forward.

As I said all the time if we divided Haiti will perish, even we are not happy with what the G16 are doing ;plus others that are hiding behind the curtain who refuse to let the country change progressively still we can not hate them. Inset we need to find a way to hold their hands and help them to step outside the box where they will be touch by the light of love, compassion,caring, forgiving, giving and helping.

I was in Haiti last month and I visited different part of Haiti I can see how so many are in a great needs it is impossible and imperative for us to stand watch and do nothing for our brothers and sisters.

We are a smart and a strong nation that can do great things if we put our heads together.The president by himself can not do it and it makes no difference if you like him or not, because he is our leader what now.He is there for five years and it could be more so let all take our responsibility to put a smile on our mother land face that's going to reflect on each of us faces.

I pray that we can look deep inside in our hearts and find a way to love one another and save our nation.God Bless Haiti and may God bless you all!.

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Merci Patricia, welcome back, we missed you. Thanks...

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