My brothers and my sisters I encourage you the prayer warriors...

Patricia - August 29 2011, 5:59 PM

My brothers and my sisters I encourage you the prayer warriors to keep praying, keep pressing because the victory is near. Haiti will deliver no matter what, it does not matter how long we have been waiting to see the light yes things going to change.

Do not be discourage hang on there God do love Haiti do not think otherwise, because somehow Haiti will be moving forward no matter what they are trying;every time they pull her down she fight and did pull herself back up.What now from what I read on the G16 are in a stage of panic, confusion and desperate, they won't be able to stand longer.

Please pray and pray more than ever for our mother land to break free from that chain, yes Haiti will move forward lets put our head together where we will have a country that is going to be profitable for all her children.God bless Haiti and may God bless you all!

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