I see your good intention and I share your view to see the...

E. Reyme - August 24 2011, 3:19 PM

I see your good intention and I share your view to see the country out of this dead end, but we all need to understand we are in the process to build a democracy.

please understand we are operating under a semi-parliamentary system.

logically, we wrongly copy the French system by mixing it with the American system.

The conditions under which the constitution was formed were exceptional.

Everything was and still political compromise.

To be clear, the president has nothing to do personally with the prime minister.

He has to look within the majority in parliament and chooses in concertation with the chambers.

The best way, as it is in the French system, is for the majority to present the prime minister to the president.

President Martelly has to be very careful.

If he does not understand the process, he must look for expert advice.

To let everyone understand the process, The parliament has more power than the president in the process of selecting the prime minister.

We all want the president to succeed, but he needs to be wise and look for consensus.

Mr. Ronald, this is a very interesting process, which requires consensus, negotiation, and wisdom...

Since May, President Martelly supposes to form his own majority and share the government to start.

If he cannot start this first test, as a president, he has two extreme options: Dismiss the parliament or to give-up as president.

This situation is like we give a vehicle to someone, we give him the key, gas, and everything and he cannot start the vehicle.

If he cannot form the government, he tells me he is incompetent...

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