Ok Tet Offensive or is Pie Defensive. Well, it is obvious that...

Neg Lakay - August 22 2011, 1:35 PM

ok Tet Offensive or is Pie Defensive.

Well, it is obvious that you are a 'Divino' or one of our bright psycologist who is clairvoyant.

In all honesty i do not give a pimple on your rat ass about who you are. But if your Tiba or Groba has broken your heart i suggest you come correct in answering my messages or move on to another to another clown who is in your league.

My messages are for serious thinkers who want to engage in serious debates for mutual learning; they are not for those who are guessing who is writting what under what name.
Here is your homework:
Find out who made the latest changes to the 1987 Constitution of Haiti, and whether or they were authorize to do so as well as whether or not those changes are constitutional.

Now get back to your little kick and pass game, i am here to join the World Cup of thinkers and not tickle those who are learning how to jerk off.

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This shameless Tiba keep changing names. Sometime he...

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