This is an urgent message to all the psychopaths, profiteers...

Agent-x - August 20 2011, 7:57 PM

This is an urgent message to all the psychopaths, profiteers, predators, tough criminals, hoodlums, hooligans, professional parasites and the likes.

The economic indicators show that capitalism as a system of ruthless exploitation run counter to the principles of the world sustenance and the future of humanity is doomed with such system.

A system that promotes and glorifies selfishness and the laws of the jungle where one to four percent of family in a population kept all the wealth while keeping the rest of the population in poverty.

Those same families don't pay tax and customs duties but pressurizes the authorities to enforce tax laws and customs duties to the poor. The rich could commit any crime and will get away with it. The right of the rich must be respected while the right of the poor should be discarding and ignored unless for tactical reason such action will be prejudicial to the interest of the rich in a particular incident.

Wall Street econometrics doctors diagnosed the capitalist system with major

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