In my humble opinion Mr Martelly doesn't have to wait for the...

Max Mills - August 16 2011, 4:47 PM

In my humble opinion Mr Martelly doesn't have to wait for the parliament to accept his nominee to begin works.

There are work to be done he must roll his sleeves and start something instead of hiding and complaining he has no prime minister to work with.God forbid if any thing happen to the tents people what excuse would he have. Would he put the blame on the parliament.

Only God knows what will happen.

Thank God he has a cabinet, call on the ministers, have a plan and begin some good work. He doesn't need a prime minister to allocate lands to do the reconstruction, he doesn't need a prime minister to do streets cleaning, to build one or two hospitals, he just shows to everyone that he alone is working what about the other ministers such as transportation, foreign trade, tourism, labour, energy, health, communication and so on .Are not they getting paid also to do something.

Mr Martelly is showing weakness for too long .What Haitians people cannot comprehend others (Washington Post ) are trying to explain it to us in a simple way, point his behavior and his weaknesses little by little.

My wish for him is to stand for what he believes and keep his eyes on the goals.

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