Good morning Nothing is impossible, nothing is impossible, if...

Elisabeth - August 16 2011, 5:37 AM

Good morning
Nothing is impossible, nothing is impossible, if you believe and willing to work hard to succeed
Everything is possible when you actually follow your dream and make sure others stay away about discouraging you during hard time
This is why some time it is better not to share your dream and aspiration with ohers because instead of helping you find a way to achieve and succeed they will tell you that your dream are impossible...

I am really desappointed about Mrs. Manigat answer regarding free education for the children, Mrs Manigat will have been better trying to help to find a way to help our president find the funds and strategy to send our children to school I think Mrs Manigat highly educated and had obtain several degrees from around the world she is also a teacher so what is her support to the children and to the country with her outstanding background in education she should have been the first one trying to get all the children access to education.with all the respect I have for Mrs Manigat as a mother as a former first lady, I really do not see her love for the country.

Please like I will always remind everyone need to step up to better Haiti nothing is impossible with all the layers of goverment and people filling their poket I think we can find money to educate the children.

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