We, all know that Mr Martelly could deliver but the haitians...

Lloyd - August 14 2011, 9:30 AM

We, all know that Mr Martelly could deliver but the haitians
policians are so corrupted that they will do everything to
stop "change"their views of runing Haiti are to steal, send
their children abroad to educate them and never comeback to contribute to the development of Haiti.

Remember that our elected officials are in office to beg.They never had anyone as Martelly.

i like to see Mr Martelly to create a
new and modern haitian.

We see how important to have our own
national Gaurd.

Their job is to rebuild and protect.The police should the only one to arrest, to reinforce the laws. Mr Presindent, you are so right about haiti, i remmember the time that i walked any time of the day from one corner of Port-au-Prince to the order and that was the same for the entire haitian territory.

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