Of course you have two good questions here, but do you have a...

Max Mills - August 11 2011, 10:26 PM

Of course you have two good questions here, but do you have a good heart to hear the real truth about his salary otherwise you will have an heart attack .The poor people who paid their taxes pay the president and his cabinet members.

I do not like Mr Martelly but that doesn't say if I found him in a hole crying for help I would ignore his plea .He is a man like me.

If elected as president respect due to him. I give my opinions and views just to see who can share the same and uplift the country for a better place for tomorrow.

So if the president is wrong we need to let him know how we feel and try to express our views so our messages can go through.

At the same time if he succeeds on a project all of us need to applause.

There is no excuses here. For the prime minister let them judge for themselves.None of us cannot help here. At the same time if you did read my comments carefully you would see what I have (shared).

By the way is it a new style by talking in " n on n on ?.Express yourself a little bit clearer please.

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While he is at it he should tell them how he got the...

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Max, U'r so fanny n neutral, Am I right? Honor is...

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