A truly repulsive and shameful act made even more sinister the...

Solidarite - August 11 2011, 9:54 PM

a truly repulsive and shameful act made even more sinister the second time around.

there are a lot of questions to be asked.

i came from canada to teach my trade so that haitians can take back the jobs that are being filled up by foreigners but since coming to haiti i have seen the disgrace that is Minustah and have seen many other NGOs going down the same path. Its time to stand up and take back what is yours.

there are some of us foreigners that have been fighting for the rights of Haitian people from day one and desperately want to help haitian people get their justice against Minustah (and all the other irresponsible NOGs) and want to see them leave the country once and for all.

for us foreigners it is about raising awareness in our home countries and making people there fight for the rights of haitian people.

for haitian people it can start by strengthening your independence by rejecting all imports, eating locally, buying only locally made goods and standing up to those that try to control you by making your voices heard *peacefully*.

Remember the teachings of Ghandi and Martin Luther King- models of true independence and peace.


please get in touch if you know any other ways we blancs can help (mwen parle kreyol tou)

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