Most countries in latin America and Europe have a free...

Franck - August 11 2011, 8:59 PM

Most countries in latin America and Europe have a free education syatem for their citizens.

This is one of the reasons many of these countries are much more advance than us.
The government should try harder to figure out how to provide a decent free educationn to the poorest people in the hemisphere.

For example, get a partnership with the diapora mainly those Haitians professional whom have received totally free education from the kindergarten to the University.

Those Haitians must show some gratitude and pay back the ivestissement the country has made in them on the back of the poor Haitians.

We must eliminate the Creole and stick to the French education.

Haitians can not buy books and there is no advance scientific informations in Creole.

The Haitians are very poor. It is already hard to eat a decent meal. Hard to get medical care. Hard to find clean drinking water.

Who is going to pay to educate
our people.

Without a good and scientific education, Haiti will always be dependent on foreign aid and humliation.

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