I am outraged but not surprised by those criminal act from the...

Yves Rebecca - August 11 2011, 3:47 PM

I am outraged but not surprised by those criminal act from the international community "MINUSTAH".

Our so-called elite prevent us from celebrating our bicentenaire of independance and invited those criminal to our country with an authoritarian regime "Gerard Latortue" are responsible for the genocide of the most unfortunate segment of the haitian population.

It's like FRAP and the embargo of the 90's were not enough.

Well the GNB group is im power now may be they will show the haitian people what they have up their sleeve for the country.

Everything is set up to return the haitian people to slavery if we cannot find a common ground to defeat the dark forces.

It is politik don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

MINUSTAH should be in front of the international tribunal to answer these reprehensible act. Where are our lawyers, the intellectual and the civil society of this country.

No wonder why our president can't find nobody to honore but a rapper Wycleff Jean (Ti sourit), What a shame!

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