This is not blaming her for telling the truth. If you read my...

Damebochie - August 11 2011, 11:19 AM

This is not blaming her for telling the truth.

If you read my message carefully, you'll see that I somehow agree with her that sending 5 million children to school is nearly impossible.

However, just seating there and bluntly said "it is impossible" Mme Manigat is not doing her political image a favor.

She has been working in the education field for years now. If she and her husband wanted to do something, they could have been able to give a few scholarships to children.

5 million children is impossible but a few perhaps!
Again the problem is not that she is saying the truth but how and when she said it. After the election Mme Manigat literally disappeared in the political scene and now that she wants to make a return she just comes out and starting to point out what's impossible and totally forget to point out how to turn the impossible into possible.

Just so you know, I wasn't rooting for Micky in the election.

As an educated person, I was all the way through for Manigat.

Thus, I have to call it out when she makes a political mistake.

Mme Manigat knows telling the truth is one thing.

But how and when you tell the truth is another.

In my opinion she just lost another round in front of Micky.

You can agree or disagree.


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