The haitian people hate reality with a passion. Intsead of...

S.i - August 11 2011, 9:16 AM

The haitian people hate reality with a passion.

Intsead of being truthful with the conjoncture, most of them feel at ease to insult the one who come up with a drastic point wich will open their eyes.The government of Haiti sent thousands of children to school every year without no need to use supplemental tax on their citizen.Why should we accept such initiative without no parliament approval to study the plan. Do we accept the executive decision with an impposible mission?.Frankly the president moved too fast with his idea without letting the lawmakers having a chance to ratify the tax therefore it is illegal.

About 5 millions children to send to school for free?

The executive is on the verge of denial.Don't be surprise the afernal machine will definitely find someone to blame for this failure.Poor haitian voters everytime you pick the wrong choice wait and see the regression of our society.

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