This is one of the major issues we have in Haiti, and it is...

Josy - August 11 2011, 12:07 AM

This is one of the major issues we have in Haiti, and it is skin color.

It goes on in churches, temples, schools, and other areas in Haiti.

The schools I attended in Haiti, and one of them was Saint Francois d'Assise had skin shade problems.

The mulatos with straight long hair hang out together, and in the cafeteria or in the yard you will see different groups.

You will have light skin with nappy hair, and very dark with nappy hair. I could name the names, but I will not and lived it. I am not surprise it is in the senate, and it starts in Kindergarten in Haiti.

The mulatos will not play with the dark skin kids, and the Black nuns serve the white ones. It did not matter if your parents had money, and you frequented the same scenes.

They will not speak to you, and some of them have homes in Miami.

They own businesses in Haiti, and still feel superior to the darker skin Haitians.

I sat in schools for eleven years with girls who never spoke to me, because I had nappy hair and I am a light skin Black.

I am in my early 50s now, and those same people are now in the Senate.

President Martelly is not accepted as a mulato, and have nappy hair. We have the same skin tone, and his hair is not straight.

His wife will be accepted, and this is the story of skin color in this poor country.

The nuns, and brothers put all the mulatos in the first row. They get the nicest presents for Christmas, and are picked for plays or other school activities.

I am not surprised at all about the situation in the senate, and it is a shame.

You have negros who think they are whites, and live privelege lives.

You have a small minority who feels they are Europeans, and speak French.

The USA said you are a negro if you have one drop of African blood running through your veins, and overseas they are simply "niggers" but in Haiti they are whites.

What a joke?

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