According the, your information is incorrect...

Gabby - August 10 2011, 10:19 PM

According the, your information is incorrect.

This is what the president said during his interview on a canadian radio station.

Regarding the absence of the Prime Minister and of a Government :
"...The fact of not having a government, killing us, because it's like having a head, but the hands cut. However, even with the hands cut we can still build things, and that's what we do, we do not expect to have a government.

While we work to have a government, we work in parallel to make our education policy a success [...] We have identified nearly 146.000 new students who will go for the first time in their lives at school this years, it was not easy [...] we have the money, that means that anything is possible and today we are at the stage of the inscriptions [...] Therefore, we have no Government, but this does not really prevent us to act at the level of education."

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