I think it's time to take further actions to Minustah, we can...

Renaud Supplice - August 10 2011, 6:32 PM

I think it's time to take further actions to Minustah, we can not seating there and wait at the mercy of someone to do something for us now, unless if all of us are counting on some body else where like Obama who did even see us in his book too busy for his reelection.

Just like we did when we were accused for HIV/aids we can do it again and stand against these bastards and force them out or evict them of the country before they destroy the rest of the Haitians.

And we also need to know the input of President Martely in this. How he feels about it, what action would he consider of taking if any..

Beside the presence of Minustah in Haiti is already illegal anyway.

Can someone tells me what Minustah is doing for the country (Haiti).

And you the so-called Haitian congress let me hear from once at least once in something that matters the most to the Haitian people and stop fighting against each other and do something constructive at least once for the Country.

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