Slavery is over for us Haitians since 1804.Let's not talk...

Betty - August 10 2011, 2:04 PM

Slavery is over for us Haitians since 1804.Let's not talk about blacks and affranchis.

We should be talking about Haitians and their differences in politics!This is a very dangerous card these people are trying to pull.Too much hatred exists already and remember how some politicians have used that card against our own well-being in the past. It is really a sad and stupid excuse to use the skin color to describe the problem going on between the haitian senate and the new government.Even during the Duvaliers'reign, mulattoes occupied high profile positions in the Haitian Government.Was that discrimination or racism?We haitians have to realize that whether we have dark or light skin, we have an obligation to work together for our nation success and economic growth.How what's going on right now is solving any problem?It is urgent for us to realize that we have to stop these trivialities.

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