This is what happens when you are are able to walk and talk...

Sesalye - August 10 2011, 9:39 AM

This is what happens when you are are able to walk and talk with cholera of the brain.

Take a good look, and see what happens to those who are suffering from the late stage of brain cholera.

Vote this disease out of office and sanitize the place.

Vote him out in November, so that he can get fly to get a colonscopy by a gGeek doctor.

I hope the Ggreek doctor will not forget his glove, ring and watch in his ass or could it be that the colonscopy will be performed trhrough his mouth.

The Greek doctor will make that decision in Novmember, after sipesta lambert and his bandit chienators are voted out.

Let's us give the President our patience, these viruses will find their remedy in our vote in November.

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plus, we are tired of the Senates. pls give a chance...

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pardonem mwem se yun moun ki terriblemen malad gadem...

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