Denise, it has been said that when Cholera starts affecting...

Joseph Fleurant - August 10 2011, 8:00 AM

Denise, it has been said that when Cholera starts affecting the brain some folks tend their ability to think rationally.

Unfortunately, tetracycline does not help at that point, but there is Doxycline and Dukoral (Dukoral is best) for help with BRAIN CHOLERA.

Denise contact me and i will make sure you get some Doxycline or Dukoral, because the next phase of your BRAIN CHOLERA is to think that you can actually justify your mental diarrhea on this screen.

Please don't! Instead send us an address - any address - or tell us a place or a corner garbage can anywhere, where we can drop off these medications for you. You do not a pamper, you just need a face mask and you will be fine.

Joseph Fleurant ton cousin.


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