Sister Elizabeth, I am humbly touched by the kindness in your...

Ronald Altieri - August 8 2011, 10:42 AM

Sister Elizabeth,
I am humbly touched by the kindness in your message.

I thank you for thanking me. If it takes another 207 years for Haiti to once more find its beauty, then so be it. Please allow me to say, that we all must know that Haiti has a grand and respectable place in the history of the world that no poverty; that no misery; that pain; that no lack of this or that; that no negative social stigma, can ever help to make disappear.

We are exonomically, but we are spiritually rich. We are poor, but we are proud.

And being children of Haiti, we must know that our ancestor will always find a smile when they see that we are pushing forward to a better future.

And you, I and all who are moved by the sweet nostalgic and inexplicable profound love for our Haiti Cherie should always think of how to move our unfortunate reality to a better and brighter day, by words and actions.

May your day be blessed, and may you find a way to bless a child in Haiti today with a loving thought or by a kind loving act.

Here something that i know will touch your soul:

Ayiti Cherie originally knows as Souvni D'Ayiti
Lyrics and Melody by Dr. Othello Bayard

Ayiti cheri pi bon peyi pase ou nanpwen

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