You must be out of your mind, you are insane, recall who!!! I...

Elisabeth - August 8 2011, 4:04 AM

You must be out of your mind, you are insane, recall who !!! I do not even want to mention his name
you think this country has turn for the worse hello this idiot was in power for several years and I have yet to see his legacy no leadership from his part the country remain corrupted thanks to him and the people he manage to place in the parliament and senate this is why after his departure as president we are still stuck with these (trou de cul pain in the ASS senateur and parlementaire a bunch of amateur) their only conscern are their own poket, not the country, not the people, a lot of them actually will be out by november so I am in peace that the people of Haiti will stand up and kick their ass out of power this is why they can continue to play their little game of refusing any premier minister that our beloved president Martelly give them because they are being caught in their own little game. in life you have to be patient and I am confident that president Martelly will do good because of his love and passion for Haiti and His people.

We need to help the president by staying strong because the senate and the parliament are the one trying to stop him by blocking all effort to have a premier minister.

I do not want him to make any deal with these people and so far he is the winner with the Haitian people we need to get out of this type of backdoor corrupted politic, we can't continue the same old thing of the past if we want change and actual dignity for our country.


We must ammend the constitution to put Preval back as president

Haitians my country people, Haiti is taking a turn for the worse with Martelly trying to enrich himself as fast as...

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I completely agree with Elizabeth, your right on that...

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