The message was krystal clear from group 16 they won't give no...

Solidarite Internationale - August 3 2011, 3:40 PM

The message was krystal clear from group 16 they won't give no vote in favor of Mr Gousse.Why President martelly was so confident telling the nation in less than a week there will be a new government.Who's telling the truth?.The president pertinently knew his choice will be rejected, may be his confusion come along to distinguish consultation with camaraderie.The legislative and executive are the result from the elections that people have voted for.Do the legislative have the right to reject the president's choice the answer is yes.Do the president really had a consultation with the legislative the answer is no.The reason why they have warned him about his choice.

I have to remind the haitian people to remain calm because it is a part of the democratic process.

By not ratify a prime minister for some reason does not mean that the lawmakers want to see the haitian suffer it's absolutely false.The one who will benefit the vote need to fullfill all the requirements according to the haitian law.I hope Mr the president will carefully engage in a direct negotiation with all the parties involve before he come up with the next one otherwise there will be growing frustration not only against the lawmakers but against Mr Martelly as well for his failure to engage in a bi partisan deal to ratify the next prime minister.

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