Rejection of the nominated Prime Ministers Daniel Rouzier and...

Eric P. Berrouet - August 3 2011, 12:23 PM

Rejection of the nominated Prime Ministers Daniel Rouzier and Mr. Gousse only demonstrated the will of the Haitian Senators to keep the country the way it is.One would think after January 12,2010 Haitian politicians would see the country, and the people before anything else. It appears that the only things that matters is the survival of their well being.

It is imperative that the Haitians Politicians understand that Haiti is to move forward, and to provide better living conditions for its citizens.

The Haitian people deserves better.

The Senators need to stop with their game, and man up to help Haiti bring forth a government capable to restore the country.

No more excuses, one can only see fears of reprisal from the Haitian Senators.

Please, stop with the charade, and set the country free for the sake of the people.

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