What is the criteria you base your assumption that the...

Reggie Cherubin - August 2 2011, 2:30 PM

What is the criteria you base your assumption that the President's choice was a bad one from?

Did you even know that "Gousse" was the main force behind that 2004 operation against all the those kidnappings that were going on in Haiti?

Only that time, he understood that the orders were coming from higher government officials rather than just those guys that we kept seeing on tv, being detained?

And that included your so-called ex police chief, whom after the fact, was forced to resign because he was part of the conspiracy.

So that's one of many reasons why they're afraid to let this man back in power.

So get your facts together before you stand behind a keyboard, and start typing away...And when are you people going to stop making the same lame ass excuse over and over again about "Peyi a pa pou vann"?

I pray that one day y'all eyes can finally be opened, and realize that, all of those neighboring islands that Haitians are dying every day, trying to get to, are properties the U.S., France, Spain, and Great Britain.

And last but not least, until everyone one of us from the Diaspora can get off our ass and move back to Haiti and invest in the country, so we no longer have to beg all the time, we shouldn't be allowed to talk about "Peyi a pa pou vann".

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News guy..u just make me laugh. The haitian...

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Reggie,in case you don't know,killing a man is very...

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