AgentX I do not know you. But by analizing your writing; I can...

Marcel Marceau - August 1 2011, 1:28 PM

AgentX I do not know you. But by analizing your writing; I can deduct that you are a very vicious corrupted mind.
Your writing suggest to me that you, with no doubt, are a former thief vicious criminal thugs of Duvalier tonton macoute of paranoid regime.

I can vizualied you paranoid with so many crimes you afflicted on Haitien poeple during the most shameful and dishonorable regime ever take hold on Haitien poeple.

You so paranoid because the totallity of odious crimes you and your tonton macoute of shameful Duvalier regime committed on Haitien poeple are very on your conscience.

I have no doubt;the visions and the cries for justice of those you and robbed disturbed your mind. Do you know that the crimes you and all of those involved during the Duvalier regime will be paid to the fourth of generations.

Ce qui veut dire tous ceux committaient ces crimes sur le peuple Haitien depuis par Duvalier "le demon" ses enfants .Michelle Bennette, les enfants de Jean_Claude, et tous les participants de cet infamous regime.


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