Haitians, the most exclusive people on the planet, are really...

Tiba - July 31 2011, 9:36 AM

Haitians, the most exclusive people on the planet, are really struggling with the wrost case of "chronic paranoia disorder."

Why do Haitians seem to always have a problem with "WHO" is in the government, or members of the government, or are government associates?

Being "CHEF" (holding an official post) in Haiti has always been a dirty thing and a dirty word in most Haitians" minds.

This type of attitude and thinking process only show Haitians as a primitive people, who still live the dark age, and stone age eras's mentality.

The world will be a better place to live when Haitians start thinking and believing that inclusivity and an open society are their only way to civilization, which will evantually lead them to progress.

Because a close minded people living in a close society, such as Haiti, only lead to failure and doomed days.

These mentalities and attitudes have been the catalists for Haiti's failure in the past 40 to 50 decades.

And one of the prime examples, is that Haitians are known to elect their leaders and accept who should be and must be in the government according to people's "Family names and their socio-economy status" and NOT on qualification, wisdom, and the know-how.

Why shouldn't Nicholas Duvalier be in Martelly's cabinet if he is qualified for the post for which he is appointed and holds?

All I care about is, can he delivers?

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