A country like Haiti needs good head to head between the...

Amonnon Louis - July 31 2011, 5:19 AM

A country like Haiti needs good head to head between the nation to avoid total collapse after january 12/2011.

The media needs to promote Haiti and at the same time, they must say the truth.

If the government is on bad direction the media has to let him know, that what democraty is. Everything the government does it's for the good or bad adventure of Haiti, the media as well. in this case both power need to be carefull about their intervention.

we have a big chalenge before us today "Haiti reconstruction" The media has it part the government as well so it is an imperative for you guys to work together to save our image that is in bad shape for long time ago. President, try to understand the media's job and media do the same for the government we will have our coutry back. We have been divided for too long, it's time for an ultimate reconciliation, we can do it if we want "never focus on someone to do good but on yourself".

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