First of all jean ciceron Michel Martely is no mulato neither...

Garry Destin - July 30 2011, 2:49 PM

First of all jean ciceron Michel Martely is no mulato neither jean claude's son.
Stop allienating yourselves based on your color.

The black color Haitian have done nothing but keep us down for their own interest.

Best example, Aristide, Preval, namphy, you name it.
The Mulato such as Henry Christophe, Petion so on and so forth all have tried to advance Haiti.

Our great heroes were blacks and they didn't accept mediocres nor comfortable watching their people living in labou like pig or wild animals.

Most black Haitian hate eachother first of all.
The black Haitian is the one always wishung bad or bad mouth Haiti and at the same time blaming it on the light skinned ones.
Now about religion, most black Haitians are Christians and hate their Africanism and its religion although it is closer to judaism than christianity.

Most mulatos have no religion which give them the advantage of an open mind so they practice voodoo as a spiritual cleanser while you thr blacks feeling dirty always becsuse you own brother already sold you soul to the devil which is christianity that tells you how filthy you are..

So keep that mulato crap in the garbage bag and don't open it

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please let not come with the black and light skin...

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