You're right brother. Haiti cannot and should not be running...

Patrick M. - July 30 2011, 8:33 AM

You're right brother.

Haiti cannot and should not be running as a country of full democracy, because there are too many wild animals that need to be treated as they are.We need power of Tonton Makout in order to run the country with mutual respect.

Haiti needs 70% of dictatorship and 30% of democracy may be. The president of the Republic needs to have full power to execute his work in the country.

Not the parliament to decide for the president what to do. The government of Haiti need to teach a lesson to the wild animals who do not want to obey the law of the Republic.

Right now, we cannot do what other developed countries do like the U.S., etc. The People of Haiti need to be treated with harship until they learn how to behave as good citizens.

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Patrick,Haiti is full with animals"Preval" and...

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