We are here to stay this time to rule in Duvalier style. We...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 30 2011, 6:35 AM

We are here to stay this time to rule in Duvalier style.

We don't have enemies, only criminals are our enemies.

We will serve and protect the people, they will be no more dead people laying in the street of Haiti anymore,
if you see any cadaver in the street automatically you can say it's a criminal or a terrorist like the parliament members.

Agent-x, please takes notes for Aristide.

We all know Aristide is very allergic with us, therefore he will need to hide with a large amount of supplies of benadryl and we don't even want him to leave the country alive and we have decided he cannot be buried either in the country, he only have one option and that option is to set himself on fire or we will be happy to do it for him if he don't have the balls.

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