Martelly Stop staging attack on yourself to divert attention.

Pradvien Alexandre - July 28 2011, 5:35 PM

The Martelly government is a bunch of perverts, vicious, unscrupulous who have no morals.

Anybody that stage an attack on himself to divert attention on serious matters and to re-negates his promises is a low life and coward.

1-the mass arrest you have made in Cap Haitien to intimidate the population will backfired on you.
2-Why you are leading an opulent lifestyle while the earthquake victims are leaving in tents in subhuman condition.

3-Why you gave order to forcibly removing the people in the tents and you have no acceptable alternative to offer them.
4-How many children will attend school this year with your help?

5-Why your kaill pam program is only for your cronies and not for the poor.
We are giving you 90 days from today to shape-up or get out.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Pradvien,you talk too much and i am not in the mood cause i have to get my uniform ready for tomorrow.Our birthday is tomorrow. I hope you are not... more »