Yes it is obvious that they were a conspiracy there they were...

Martine Civil - July 27 2011, 11:49 AM

Yes it is obvious that they were a conspiracy there they were trying to kill him .quite often I here in the radio that Minustha have to live haiti.

but whom do we have for national security?our kind are not to trust (this not to say the others are better ) of coarse not .But look who is behind that our own kind. he was paid for a service he got caught put in jail then the same group put him out so that he doesn't talk .in that case they are affraid of the new changes that is yet to come .they don't know what the outcome will be for them with the first minister.

if you listen to their aguments verses Mr Goose, nothing is coherent in the truth .The man was in the past minister of justice he did is job accordingly with respect and order.

again that was so to perfect for them that they couldn't buy him for their scrutinize scheme.

so at this point they make him a bad man, Haitians patriotic let us open our eyes and stand to educate the nation to say no. at the same fashion as he was elected president we the haitians community and the media need to teach the haitians population not to betrayed our leader for money indeed it is important to have a lot of money but changes can also contribute a better prospective for our society.let us all eat in one ball, let us shake hands together, develop trust for each other, learn to concern for each other .and let my worries be yours, my suffering be of your concern and respectfuly as a nation will grow stronger.

it is already a nightmare and a dilema for us haitians not knowing the future of haiti.

we all are disguise with a mask full of shame.

this quoting phrase goes to every sector in the community weathere your are a pastor, journalist,Doctor, labor workers old and young etc we all are in the pavement of uncertainty.

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