I am not a fan of Mr Martelly from day one but if he is our...

Max Mills - July 27 2011, 12:02 AM

I am not a fan of Mr Martelly from day one but if he is our president, the people has voted for him so be it.

I have to accept the fact he is my president according to the law and the constitution.

Period .Deep in my heart I don 't accept or tolerate that form of terrorism in the country.

That act shows our slackness, our ignorance, incapability, illiteracy, to the world that we don't need to move on with our lives to a better future.

Whoever behind this type of attack do not have mind and soul in the welfare of the people.

If the president knows who is ( are ) behind that coup he must not be shy away as a president and bring them in to answer questions.

He must act now because he has the people behind him and he has right also to pass his judgement.

This a total slackness, not even two months yet and others want to start terror.

What so called these lawmen in the parliament have in their skull, maggots or knowledge, for so long they cannot find somebody suitable to be a prime minister, so the man can begin to do what he was voted in to do.

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