Security officer Working for Senator Youri Latortue was killed in Delmas

News Network - July 25 2011, 12:01 PM

Denis Jean Claude, a Security officer working for Senator Youri Latortue was killed in Delmas

Denis Jean-Claude, a 40 year old security guard from national security, a security company that belongs to Senator Youri Latortue, was fatally killed in Delmas Thursday, June 21, 2011 around 1 p.m. while he was working at a Western Union office.

The assassin pretended to be making a transfer and when leaving, he shot Denis Jean Claude twice in the head. Denis Jean-Claude, who left behind a wife and 6 children, is the oldest brother of the well-known activist and Haitian jazz-singer Hugues Sanon who has travelled often to Haiti to do humanitarian work.

Hugues Sanon has so far lost two brothers to assassination in Haiti, and he is asking the Haitian government to bring the assassins who killed his brother, the late victim Denis Jean-Claude, to justice.

Hugues also intends to continue with his singing career, advocating for those in need, and to helping prevent such crimes from ever recurring in the future.

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