I agree NOTHING IS FREE.What do you thing if you spend...

Doubletranchant - July 24 2011, 3:40 PM

I agree NOTHING IS FREE.What do you thing if you spend billions of dollars to build all these houses and hand a key to everyone?

What is going to happen in the next 20 year with these houses?They will need to be repaired and no one will be able to.You will see all of them going down. It should be a program to maintain them while the owner will have a contribution to the state of Haiti so the environment can be maintained.

Other than that you will see some other tax levied on the DIASPORA to repair those homes.The natural castrophe was not caused by the government, it was not caused by no one, That means people need help since the people who lost their home do not have anything left to get back up alone.

People should need help but not favor.

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Albert Cameau,you most be of the lazy Haitians men...

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