Haiti - Education: The promise of free education becomes a...

Gabby - July 20 2011, 10:37 AM

Haiti - Education: The promise of free education becomes a reality
20/07/2011 10:22:54

Haiti - Education: The promise of free education becomes a reality
The President Michel Martelly said that nearly 4 million dollars have been collected in the National Fund for Education (NEF), which is powered from the levy on incoming phone calls and money transfers.

"...the education program works well, we have in our fund nearly 4 million U.S. dollars that we have collected through the 5 cents and by the end of the week, we should have the names, phone numbers and addresses of the 100,000 first children that will go to school for free..." declared the Head of State.

Initially, the pilot project of free education will be launched as soon as school will resume, to Les Cayes.

A list of 100,000 names of children are being prepared by a team led by Gaston Georges Merisier (former Minister of Education, probable candidate to this position in the new Government Martelly) clarified Michel Martelly.

The Head of State has indicated to those who criticize the lack of transparency and legal framework of this fund, he had no objection to the fact that a law governs this fund, but that his priority for now, is to provide free education to 100,000 children for the next school year.

Teacher organizations which are in favor of the project, reminds to the Head of State, that beyond the education of children, the Government must also take into account the teachers which should provide education and their working conditions.


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