Personally I don't believe in free lunches. Haiti has been...

Bernadette - July 20 2011, 12:19 AM

Personally I don't believe in free lunches.

Haiti has been riding on foreign aid to keep the Country going for too long. The Haitian people were not benefiting from the money.

Foreign Aid funds usually end-up in the politicians wallet anyway.

It is time that the people understand that building or rebuilding a country is a serious business.

It takes hard cash to do so. All the sweet talk, empty promises and foreign aid empathy or sympathy will not amount to much. I hope five years from now when the people will be voting again, they will remember to ask to see spreadsheets in black and white and diagrams and percentage of the disposable funds that will go to promised projects.

The bottom line is how much, who will be benefit from the said project, how many of us will benefit from it and how much it will COST US?

Now having said that, there is also something called Humanity.

Building houses for the displaced people is not a routine expense.

They happened to be homeless due to an extraordinary natural disaster.

Special funds were collected to help them get housing again.

So what happened to that fund?

What happened to Clinton-Bush funds?

What happened to all the monetary contribution collected for the sole purpose of helping the displaced people?

Is the money collected not enough to "give" free housing to everybody?

How about stretching the dollar further by buying cheaper land away from Port-au-Prince?

How about giving them some kind of a discount depending on family circumstances and amount of cash that they have on hand?

How about a matching fund system?

The point is that a combination of different ideas could have been put together to help house displaced people due to the last quake.

I am a bit curious as to which bank is going to lend money in terms of mortgages and at what percentage; What are the options since Haiti has a high chronic unemployment rate.
If it is true that Mr. Martelly is not helping economically the tent people to find permanent housing at all is a joke and a cruel one at that.
Anyway, we Haitians always help our own. Keep sending money to family members in Haiti.

Ask family members to pool resources together so that they can get more for their money.

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