This is what I call good news.Some Haitians still believe La...

Max Mills - July 19 2011, 1:02 PM

This is what I call good news .Some Haitians still believe La manna du ciel still coming down from above " then the chorus from their mouth is always the same " mesi wi, bondie ap beni ou " and yet they are not trying to do something for themselves to be blessed, they call all the blessings for you so you can continue to give them. In another way the government still can provide free houses to some if the president can identify some children or wives of certain people who used to contribute for the advancement of the country such as police, soldier, teachers, great singers who died in the earthquake.

These families can be exempted.

Just for the sake of humanity.

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Mr. Mills, I agree with you 100%. Some Haitians need...

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