Do you know the Haitian Senator's Salary is $ 10,000 US Monthly

Jean - July 18 2011, 7:03 PM

Hello there,

In the Haitian Parliament each Senator is making $ 10,000 US Monthly revealed another Senator of INITE who travelled with Martelly the other day to Jacmel, he got upset with his colleagues.

If so you wonder why these gangs do not care about having a government, because they still collect their paycheck with or without a government?You wonder why they would never approved a guy like Rouzier who said "If you want to make lots of money, go to the private sector".They would never get a guy like that, they prefer Bellerive who whatsoever will never question how these criminal Senators make money.Not all of them are assassins but you know a lot of them are murderer.You Wonder also why each seat in the parliament have been sold by Dorsainvil for $ 100,000 US; that was a good deal for them. By the way how much the president make?It it is what Micky call transparency, I want to know in what books these gangs read.

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