Martelly was fraudulently selected by the US.He is an illegal president

Camille Jeffrard-morisset - July 18 2011, 10:15 AM

Martelly was selected by the imperialists via rigged election a la Florida style.

He is an illegal president.

He has no legitimacy and political base. His function is to accelerate the exploitation of our country and degradation of our people by internal and foreign imperialists via massive repression.

Therefore, he has no authority to dissolve the parliament.

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Josline Pyrrhus says...

You lie as a dog.Michel Martelly was elected by the people.They were trying to steal the election the international help him about it.He is a legal... more »

Kenson says...

i think you don't know what you are saying. sorry, you are among the Haitian idiots. Go to school again more »