There is blogger on our forum, Toulimen Legrand, who said back...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 18 2011, 10:08 AM

There is blogger on our forum, Toulimen Legrand, who said back in April:

"He [President Martelly] just needs to swear as president of Haiti and after that he can dissolve the Haitian parliament to call for new elections in the next 30 days following his rise to power.

He can do that and further he can issue an executive order as called in French "Decret Loi" to abolish the post of prime minister by creating the post of vice president to have a real classical presidentialism type of power."

Interesting arguement but Toulimen did not mention any articles in the Haitian constitution that gives the president that right.

(YOU should kiss TOULIMEN LEGRAND a- s- s and respect him as well, stop abusing his posting by blocking him for telling the truth, stop the discrimination against him as well just because he is open our eyes with info.
I love that guy"Toulimen Legrand" and i respect him for his understanding and courage).

I consulted some key old men after reading Toulimen posting back in April, their answers were unbelievable regarding The Haitian constitution.

Possibly people will say it's a "coup de force" but in reality if the country is in danger, the president can reverse, desolve,demolish, even exterminate the parliament.

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