Hello Again According to me Parlement are saints nowere i have...

Service Du Domaine - July 18 2011, 7:36 AM

Hello Again
According to me Parlement are saints nowere i have mention we have saint in Haiti if we have saint in Haiti we have a better country.not a land with SIDA COLERA, MAGOUILLEUR,VOLET, MENTEUR,ANALFABET, BEGEUR.

I have contribute to The President campagne in money and personaly meet him several times great guy.love Haiti, and dedicated, honest.

His staff They are a close circuit without experience and negociation talent and above all they tell my President not the fact.
Still think.

With all due respect i respect your opinion about ged rid of them
however in my humble opinion such action will create another crisis that Haiti does not need.
My Haitian brother please please do not get mad here when it is all say and done ni parlement, ni THE PRESIDENT STAFF WILL BE READING WHAT WE FEEL AND WRITE HERE.

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In other words according to you the parliement is a...

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